“Do Not Disturb” Signs Removed from Disney Hotels

According to the Miami Herald, Walt Disney World Resort Hotels has removed the “do not disturb” signs from the rooms in three of its hotels and replaced them with “room occupied” signs as part of a new security policy.  What’s more, a Disney cast member will now be required to enter each hotel room at least once per day to “ensure gun safety,” according to Walt Disney World News today.

If staying at a Disney Property is something that you are contemplating, you should definitely read more about that here:

Ironically, we were preparing an article for our blog about why it makes sense to stay at a Disney Property when visiting Walt Disney World.  And we recently recommended that Mickey’s Halloween Party was a great time to choose a Disney Hotel, even if it doesn’t usually make sense to do so when visiting Disneyland.  But this new policy forces us to rethink both recommendations.

We simply can’t endorse a policy that allows management to violate the privacy of your room anytime they see fit. And we question whether this new policy actually provides a bigger danger than the non-existent threat that they are trying to address with it.